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Ottawa Disability Benefits Denial Lawyer

Living with a long-term disability means that you may not have the physical or mental capacity to earn a living wage. Fortunately, there are financial benefits available to those in Ottawa with disabilities, such as employment benefits, insurance benefits and the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). If you filed a claim for disability benefits only to have it denied, don’t give up. With assistance from a lawyer, you can still receive the benefits that you need.

Who We Are

SG Injury Law is a team of Ottawa-based injury lawyers who assist clients with long-term disability claims and the legal processes that go along with this practice area. Prior to joining SG Injury Law, our lawyers worked as insurance defence representatives. This means that we have first-hand knowledge of how insurance companies work and what techniques they employ to take advantage of claimants. Now, we serve clients with injuries and disabilities when going up against insurance companies, including assisting with benefit denials across Ontario. 

Why Are Disability Claims Denied?

A claim for disability benefits may be denied for many reasons or no valid reason at all. Insurance companies are known for doing what they can to earn more in premiums than they pay out in client benefits. This means there is a high likelihood of your first disability benefits claim being rejected. Common reasons insurance companies use to deny disability claims are:

The insurance company should give you its reason for denying your claim with the rejection letter. Take the denial letter to a lawyer in Ottawa for legal advice. Your lawyer may be able to remedy the situation by sending in further evidence or documentation of your disability. If your claim still gets denied, your lawyer can help you explore other options.

Can You Appeal a Disability Benefits Denial?

A disability claim has the power to make up for wages that you can no longer earn on your own, providing you and your family with important financial relief. However, pursuing a disability claim can be overwhelming. You may not know which type of claim is best for you. If an insurance company or the CPP denies your claim, you may not know what to do next. Don’t lose hope. You may have multiple options available, such as:

A lawyer from SG Injury Law in Ottawa can help you demand fair benefits for your disability after an initial claim gets denied. For example, we can file the required forms to appeal the decision efficiently and before the limitation periods. If we believe you have grounds to start a court action against an insurance company for the claim denial, we can help you with this legal process, as well.

Contact Us Today

At SG Injury Law, our lawyers can help you determine your legal options if your Ottawa disability benefit claim has been denied. Contact us by calling (613) 518-2416 or filling out our contact request form today for a free initial consultation. Our long-term disability lawyers can help you rebuild your life.