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Depression & Anxiety Claims Lawyer in Ottawa

Depression & Anxiety Claims Lawyer

Following an accident, the physical pain, lack of recovery or inability to function like in the past can cause an accident victim to become depressed. Depression can also be a “stand alone” disorder, not caused by a specific accident, or can occur alongside other psychological conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder or a chronic pain disorder.

Victims of accidents or assault often suffer from enormous stress and anxiety. Dealing with pain, an inability to work, difficulty caring for loved ones or dealing with a difficult insurance company can take its toll. Car or truck accident victims are often anxious getting in a car or driving after an accident. Symptoms of anxiety and stress from an accident can result in the development of an anxiety disorder.

In long term disability and accident cases, insurers are often sceptical of claims for depression and anxiety disorders unless they are properly diagnosed by appropriate health care professionals.

Sean Giovannetti can help you obtain the diagnosis and treatment you need with the appropriate psychologist, neuropsychologist, psychiatrist or other health care provider. This will not only help with your recovery and quality of life but is crucial to build your case and obtain the compensation you deserve in your accident or disability claim.

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