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Motorcycle Accident Claims Lawyer in Ottawa

Motorcycle Accident Claims Lawyer

Like cyclists and pedestrians, motorcyclists are at a great risk of being injured in a motor vehicle collision because motorcycles lack the standard safety features of a car, such as airbags, seatbelts and the protection afforded from the body of a vehicle. Motorcyclists are even more vulnerable however because compared to a pedestrian or cyclist, a motorcycle collision can happen at a much greater speed.

Motorcycle accidents can result in catastrophic impairments such as the loss of limbs, brain damage, broken or fractured bones, paralysis and even death.

The law in Ontario provides compensation for anyone involved in a motorcycle accident, regardless of who was at fault. For catastrophically impaired victims, this can include one million dollars for medical and rehabilitation, one millions dollars for attendant care services, one hundred dollars each week for housekeeping expenses, benefits for income loss or caregiving and other benefits such as a death benefit.

If you were seriously injured in a motorcycle accident it is critical that you retain a lawyer who is experienced handling Ontario accident benefits claims. Sean Giovannetti is an Ottawa injury lawyer who has extensive experience handling catastrophic accident benefits claims valued at millions of dollars. He will ensure you receive all of the compensation you need and are entitled to in order to assist with your recovery and a return to normal life.

In addition to no-fault benefits, if you or a family member were involved in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you are entitled make additional claims which could include damages for wrongful death, pain and suffering, past and future loss of income as well as any other damages and expenses not covered by no-fault benefits.

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