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4 Myths About Personal Injury Claims -- Debunked

6 Myths About Personal Injury Claims —...

18 March, 2018

Personal injury claims are steeped in lore. There are five major myths surrounding personal injury claims and lawyers and we’re going to debunk below. You don’t need a lawyer This is a common belief amongst some people who have been injured. Read More

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10 Surprising Facts About Car Accidents In Canada

10 Surprising Facts About Car Accidents In Canada

9 March, 2018

Canadian drivers are involved in a fair amount of car accidents. While some are due to wildlife crossing the road or our due to harsh winter weather, there are other factors involved. Read More

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The Benefits Of Having A Lawyer

The Benefits Of Having A Lawyer To Fight Your...

3 March, 2018

Working with a lawyer has many advantages, especially if you are trying to fight for your long term disability insurance claim. A personal injury lawyer specializes in fighting for people whose insurance companies have refused their short or long term disability claims. Read More

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Filing No-Fault Claims

When To File A No-Fault Claim

26 February, 2018

In Ontario, if you have been involved in a car vehicle accident, you are entitled to no-fault insurance accident benefits - regardless of who is at fault. That means that even if you were 100% at fault for the accident, you are still eligible to receive these benefits. Read More

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Avoiding Cycling Accidents In Ottawa

How To Avoid Cycling Accidents In Ottawa

19 February, 2018

When it comes to cycling in Ottawa, collisions, and accidents in the capital have been a commonly discussed topic; especially in the wake of several fatalities in recent years. Indeed, there are roughly 300 reported collisions every year. Read More

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