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We offer a no-fee guarantee. We don't charge any out-of-pocket fees unless we successfully resolve your case.


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We have successfully recovered millions of dollars in settlements, arbitration awards, and damages for our injured clients.


Knowledge of Insurance Tactics

As former insurance defence lawyers, we understand how insurance companies approach cases and how to use this information to the benefit of our clients.

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Help When Our Clients Need it Most

At SG Injury Law, we help victims of serious accidents throughout Ontario recover the critical benefits they need to recover from their injuries.  Likewise, if you were wrongfully dismissed from your job or denied long or short term disability benefits in Ontario, our Ottawa employment lawyers will enforce your rights.  Our lawyers have significant experience on both sides of the insurance claims process, giving us a unique understanding of the process and a distinct advantage in our clients’ cases.  We understand how insurance companies operate, the lengths that they will go to in order to avoid financial responsibility, and how to successfully appeal denied claims.

We Handle Cases Throughout Ontario, Including Ottawa, Brockville, Kingston, and Pembroke

An injury, unjust LTD insurance denial or wrongful dismissal can happen to anyone, anywhere.  While our main office is in Ottawa, we proudly represent clients all over the province including Brockville and Kingston.  If our clients are too injured to come to us, we are happy to meet them at their home or in the hospital.  In certain cases, we can arrange a virtual meeting for the initial consultation.

We have significant experience on both sides of the insurance claim process.

Ontario Personal Injury Cases

Accidents that cause serious injuries occur every single day in Ontario, dramatically changing the lives of victims.  While benefits are available through OHIP and statutory accident benefits, they may not be nearly enough in the case of severe injury and disability.  An injury can rob you of your ability to earn income, change the way you interact with your family, and require lifelong physical therapy or other medical treatment or aid.

Unfortunately, many serious accidents are a direct result of the carelessness of others – a concept known as negligence in personal injury law.

In these cases, victims may have a legal remedy available to them to recover compensation for the losses that they incur as a result of the injury.  Compensation usually comes through an insurance policy, however, and insurers are notorious for denying valid claims and refusing to treat the injured fairly. Because of this, it is in the best interests of anyone who has suffered a serious injury to speak with an Ottawa personal injury lawyer.

At SG Injury Law, we have successfully resolved all manner of personal injury cases for clients, including those involving car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, dog bites, slip and falls, and more.

Long Term Disability Insurance Denials

Both short and long-term disability insurance exists to provide essential financial benefits at a time when policyholders when are unable to work or earn income.  These policies can be purchased individually or through a group, such as an employer.  However, at least 60 percent of long-term disability claims are initially denied in Canada.  While denials can occur for a variety of reasons, any delay in receiving these critical benefits can turn financial difficulties into catastrophic problems.  Worse still, many insurance companies routinely deny valid claims in an attempt to avoid financial responsibility entirely.

At SG Injury Law, we understand the long-term disability process better than most.  Our Personal Injury lawyers began their careers as insurance defence lawyers, before changing sides to represent the injured. We saw first-hand how insurance companies treat policyholders, how they work up cases, and how to structure appeals to be successful.  We have significant experience appealing denials from all major Canadian insurers, including Industrial Alliance, Sun Life, Manulife, and Canada Life.

In nearly all Ottawa long-term disability claims and personal injury law cases that we take, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to potential clients and never charge a fee unless we successfully resolve your case.

Verdicts & Settlements

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ico-$-car $1.1m Motor Vehicle Collision
ico-$-car $1m Motor Vehicle Collision

The experience with Mr. Sean Giovannetti was wonderful and has made the experience go very smoothly...

Byron E Holder

The best decision I ever made was to contact Sean Giovannetti regarding my case. Sean and Amber worked effectively and were very efficient...

Garry Spirak

Kathleen is a striving new lawyer with the SG law firm. She is accommodating and works diligently to get all of your needs...

Joel Ricard

I had an extraordinary experience working with Sean Giovannetti. Not only is he highly qualified, professional, and knowledgeable, he is caring and supportive...

Jacky R. Smith

Sean and his assistant Amber are extremely efficient and very helpful . Without them on my case I would not have gotten anywhere...

Tyler Macintosh

Sean Giovannetti is clearly very experienced. He was responsive to me and my needs when ever I reached out to him, and he acted wicked fast on my behalf when the insurance company tried to pull their usual stunts...

J. Koerner

Kathleen, Amber and Sean genuinely made me feel ok about what was going on and that they had it under control the entire time...

Amanda McGilligan

We only take a limited number of cases so that we can focus our attention on you.

While we began our careers working for insurance companies, we have dedicated our practice to representing plaintiffs.  In fact, we solely represent plaintiffs in personal injury and disability denial cases.  We truly believe that helping people when they need it most is the right thing to do and genuinely care about our clients.

To this end, we have structured our firm in a way to best serve the people we represent.  We maintain a limited number of cases so that we can focus our efforts, time, and financial resources on getting the best possible results in every case we take. Our Ontario Injury & Disability Insurance Lawyers work with a network of physicians, therapists, and other healthcare specialists to ensure our clients receive not only the financial compensation they need but also the best medical care and rehabilitation required to recover from their injuries.

Focused Practice, Exceptional Results

The narrow focus on both the number of cases we take and the area of law that we practice allows us to have a better understanding of the issues, evidentiary and procedural requirements, time limits, and every other complexity involved in our cases.  The results that we have achieved for clients speak for themselves.  In fact, we have collected millions of dollars in settlements, arbitration awards, and damages for our clients.

Personal Injury, Personal Attention

While our experience and ability are clearly shown through our results, personal injury and long-term disability cases can be a long and difficult process.

We are a part of our clients’ lives for months and sometimes years.  We understand how important each case is to our clients and that it is the first time most of our clients are going through the legal process. We also believe that clients are entitled to clear, effective communication and deserve to be treated with the utmost respect.  We pride ourselves on keeping our clients updated about the status of their cases and promptly returning all phone calls and emails.  It’s your case, you deserve to know where you stand.

Call Today for  Free Consultation

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious injury or have been denied the short or long-term insurance benefits that you desperately need, we can help.  Call the Ontario Injury & Disability Insurance Lawyers at SG Injury Law today for a free and confidential case evaluation. You have nothing to lose by speaking with a Personal Injury lawyer and we would be more than happy to discuss the facts of your case with no obligation to retain our services.

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