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Chronic Pain & Injury Claims Lawyers in Ottawa

Chronic Pain & Injury Claims Lawyers

Following an accident, most injuries are expected to heal within a certain period of time. Unfortunately however, a significant percentage of accident victims continue to experience worsening pain beyond the expected recovery time. While chronic pain is often the primary symptom of another ailment, such as fibromyalgia or a soft tissue injury, chronic pain itself can have a devastating effect on an accident victim’s life.

Chronic pain victims are often unable to work. Their social life and family relations may deteriorate. Depression may follow the onset of chronic pain. If you suffer chronic pain as the result of an automobile or other accident, you may be entitled to compensation for employment and wage losses, pain and suffering, expenses for medical and other treatment and compensation for expenses such as housekeeping and home maintenance.

Unlike fractures, amputations and other catastrophic injuries which are often obvious, it can be difficult to demonstrate the effects of chronic pain. As a lawyer with years of experience handling chronic pain cases in Ottawa and across Eastern Ontario, Sean Giovannetti will ensure your case is properly and expertly handled.

Sean works closely with medical and other healthcare experts who help determine the extent of his clients’ injuries to make a compelling case against the insurance companies. Sean is very familiar and experienced with the Ontario accident benefits legislation and will help you receive all of the compensation and treatment that might be available.

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