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Kingston Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are a resident of Kingston, Ontario and have been in an accident or suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence, seeking the counsel of a Kingston personal injury lawyer can get you the compensation that you deserve.

Likewise, if you have had your long or short-term disability benefits refused or cut off, the lawyers at SG Injury Law are an experienced team of disability claim lawyers who handle cases in Kingston and across Eastern Ontario.

Our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience in handling a variety of accident, injury and insurance claims. We are uniquely skilled to ensure that you receive the maximum level of compensation that is available under the law. Call SG Injury Law your personal injury lawyer serving in Kingston. Contact us now for a free consultation, or contact us at (613) 518-2416.

What Sets Our Kingston Personal Injury Lawyers Apart From The Rest

We are personal injury, accident and long term disability insurance lawyers with extensive experience in handling a variety of accident, injury and insurance claims.

Our lawyers have represented several of Canada’s largest insurance companies previously practising at 3 of Ottawa’s law firms which handle insurance defence claims, which gives us unique insight into the most effective tactics of Canada’s biggest insurance companies.

When you work with our personal injury lawyers, not only do you get expert legal services, but you also receive access to the best medical and rehabilitation treatment you need. This is made possible by our network of physicians, therapists and other medical professionals.
In addition to free legal services (unless your case is won or settled), we also offers a free one-hour obligation consultation at our Kingston meeting office.

Types of Accidents and Incidents that Cause Personal Injuries in Kingston

At SG Injury Law, our personal injury lawyers take on cases that are related to injuries and insurance benefits. Our focus is on the following types of claims, including:

In addition to helping injury victims and their families deal with the tort claims process, we also have extensive experience in handling automobile accident benefit claims (SAB claims), and short and long-term disability claims.

Our firm is prepared to go up against large, profit-driven insurance companies to secure the benefits that are rightfully yours. Contact our office today to find out what is next for your case.

Kingston Personal Injury Laws You Need to Know

As you prepare to pursue your personal injury claim in Kingston, there are several Ontario personal injury laws that could have an impact on your case. You will want to be aware of these well in advance, to ensure that you are ready for whatever impact they may have on your injury settlement.

Here is more about Ontario’s contributory negligence laws, no-fault insurance laws, and the general limitations period.

Ontario’s Negligence Act states that those who are partially responsible for their accident or resulting injuries can still be awarded compensation for their damages.

However, your injury settlement will then be reduced in proportion to the amount of liability you carry. For example, if you are found 30% liable for your injuries, you can expect your injury settlement to reflect a 30% deduction.

Under Ontario’s Insurance Act, Ontario follows a no-fault insurance system. This means when you are involved in an accident, you will file a claim with your own auto insurance provider to recover compensation for your damages. You are entitled to your no-fault accident benefits without regard to liability.

Ontario’s Limitations Act sets the amount of time personal injury claims across Ontario have to be filed. If your tort claim is not filed before the two-year general limitations period expires, you will have lost the opportunity to be awarded compensation through the Ontario civil court system.

Find out how much time you have left to get your tort claim filed when you contact your personal injury lawyer in Kingston for a free case review.

What Damages Could You Recover for Your Personal Injury in Kingston?

Many people are surprised at the various ways their lives are affected by their injuries. In addition to the considerable financial losses you may be experiencing, the emotional trauma and physical limitations of your injuries can make it difficult for you to get back to your life.

Fortunately, when someone else’s negligence causes your injuries, you have the right to be repaid for each and every loss. These are often known as pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages. They refer to your financial and non-financial losses, respectively. Commonly awarded pecuniary damages might include:

Some commonly awarded non-pecuniary damages may include:

Many personal injury victims in Kingston also wonder whether they are entitled to punitive damages. Under Ontario law, punitive damages, also called exemplary damages, are awarded very rarely.

In fact, they can only be awarded in cases where the courts find their actions to be “harsh, vindictive, reprehensible and malicious in nature.” (Hockley v. Riley, 2007 ONCA 804 at para. 24). The Canada Supreme Court set a cap on exemplary damages of $100,000 which has been adjusted to more than $360,000 for inflation.

Kingston Personal Injury FAQ

The personal injury claims process can often be complex. You probably have many unanswered questions about how much you could be awarded, who is liable for your injuries, and what to expect from your case.

In the hopes of helping you through these difficult times, we have provided this quick FAQ that provides the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions surrounding Kingston personal injury cases.

If you have additional questions that were not answered on this page, be sure to contact our office to discuss your concerns further.

Will I have to go to court for an injury case in Kingston?

Many people who have suffered serious injuries in accidents in Kingston are worried that they will have to go through a lengthy and time-consuming court process to recover the compensation that is rightfully theirs. If this sounds like what you are experiencing, you are not alone.

Many personal injury claims can be resolved by pursuing claims with the insurance company. No matter what type of accident you were involved in, The liable party is typically represented by some type of insurance policy, whether that be homeowners’ insurance, auto insurance, or any other type of insurance.

With that being said, it may not always be possible to secure the settlement you deserve through the insurance company. When this happens, you may need to be prepared to pursue tort action in civil court if you hope to recover full and fair value.

Your personal injury lawyer in Kingston will carefully examine the details of your case and provide you with the guidance and advice needed to determine which course of action is most likely to produce a favourable outcome for you.

Can I file a claim on behalf of my injured child?

Absolutely. Minor children have the same right to financial compensation when they are injured through the fault of another. They may not be able to take tour action against the liable party, but you can.

With help from our Kingston personal injury lawyer, you can get justice for your injured child and secure the compensation they will need to deal with the impact of their injuries.

What do I do if I can’t afford to hire an accident injury lawyer in Kingston?

At SG Injury Law we also offer a no-fee guarantee. We understand that many accident victims or people struggling to pay the bills after their long-term disability benefits have been cut off cannot afford to pay legal fees. For the vast majority of clients, we offer free legal services until you win or settle your case.

Get Help From a Kingston Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured through no fault of your own, you don’t have to deal with the aftermath alone. At SG Injury Law, our Kingston personal injury lawyers can help guide you through the insurance claims and legal process.

Our firm is proud to offer free, no-obligation consultations to personal injury victims across Kingston and nearby cities. Claim yours when you fill out our quick contact form or call our office at (613) 518-2416.

If you cannot travel to our meeting office in Kingston due to your injury, one of our injury lawyers will travel to your home or another location that is convenient for you. We may also be available for virtual appointments upon request.