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Personal Injury Lawyer Brockville

If you have been injured in an accident and are seeking compensation and/or disability insurance coverage, a personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation that deserve.

A personal injury lawyer differs from a general practice lawyer in that a personal injury lawyer or accident attorney knows all sources of possible compensation, which ensures that you will get the compensation you are rightfully owed under the law.

Sean Giovannetti is a highly experienced and highly regarded personal injury lawyer and accident attorney in Ottawa. He also practices elsewhere in Eastern Ontario where is listed on Top Lawyers Canada.

With over two decades of experience in the area of personal injury and insurance claims, Sean Giovannetti is in a position to get you the maximum possible amount you deserve according to the law.

In addition to his expert legal services, Giovannetti also offers no fee guarantee. That means that clients don’t pay until their case is either won or settled.

Giovannetti understands that many clients are not in a position to pay for legal services, which is why he has sought to offer no fee guarantee to his clients. He also offers free case assessments.


Sean Giovannetti handles a variety of different claims.

While his primary focus areas are in handling Motor Vehicle Accidents, Slip or Trip and Falls, Automobile Accident Benefits Claims and Short & Long Term Disability, he also has significant experience handling cases related to recreational vehicle accidents, pool accidents, defective products, dog bites and many other similar cases.

About Sean Giovannetti

Sean Giovannetti is a highly experienced personal injury lawyer and accident attorney. He has significant experience in handling claims related to car accidents and motor vehicle accidents as well as no fault Statutory Accident Benefit (SABS) claims.

What separates Sean from the rest is his experience representing insurance companies. Before he represented accident victims, Sean worked for two of Ottawa’s leading law firms where he represented some of the biggest insurance companies in Canada.

This gave him unique insight into the tactics that they use and how to go against them, knowledge that he now uses to represent his own clients who are up against insurance companies.

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If you are unable to travel to Brockville due to your injury, Sean Giovannetti will be happy to meet you at a location that works best for you, whether at home or at the hospital.

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