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Tips For Filling Out Your OCF-6 Form


As a victim of an accident you are entitled to all of the damages that you are awarded in your case. However, it is important to follow the proper rules when claiming your benefits and to do that requires you to fill out all of the proper paperwork. 

One of the most important that needs to be filled out for you to collect your compensation is known as the OCF-6 form, otherwise known as the expenses claim form. We know that filling out some of the paperwork for your claim can be difficult so we’ve put together a few tips for filling out your OCF-6 Form the proper way.

You Must Request The Form 

You may think that all of the necessary paperwork will be readily available or handed to you when you file your claim for compensation, but this is not the case with the OCF-6 form. You must go and request this form yourself so that you may fill it out. 

Failing to request and fill out your OCF-6 Form can mean not getting some of the compensation you are owed in your accident case. 

Consult With a Lawyer at the Start 

Having a lawyer on your side can make everything you do regarding your case that much easier to deal with. While the lawyer won’t be able to do everything for you, they can offer sound advice and explain things to you that may otherwise be difficult to figure out. 

This includes what paperwork you need to fill out and how to go about properly filling out and filing the paperwork. In the case of the OCF-6, this is a crucial piece of paperwork and has to be filled out precisely, so consulting with your lawyer as you start the process is a great way to help prevent making any mistakes. 

Be Meticulous and Thorough 

As part of your other expenses, there are a wide array of different things that can be claimed as losses after your accident. While you are on a time limit to file your claim, it’s important to go through and make an accurate and detailed list of your losses.: Some examples of things to claim include: 

  • Travel expenses 
  • Lost or damaged personal items 
  • Mobility aids and other devices 
  • Transportation expenses 
  • Educational expenses 
  • Home maintenance/housekeeping expenses 
  • Healthcare/home health aide expenses 

As you can see, there are many optional expenses that can be part of your claim, and it is only smart to list them as they are part of the expenses that you incurred as a part of your accident and you deserve adequate and fair compensation for them. 

Include Documentation and Evidence 

Lastly, before you submit your OCF-6 you need to make sure that you have documentation and evidence to back up all the expenses that you claim. In order to receive compensation for these types of “optional damages” you need to have proof to go along with them. 

Thankfully, getting proof of damages is not as difficult as it may seem. Receipts for the purchase of lost items or an estimate of value for replacement, copies of medical bills and payments for travel, home health and other expenses. You may even include bank statements or copies of records from your educational institution showing tuition payments to prove educational losses. 

By taking the time to fill out your OCF-6 correctly and asking for help when you need it, you maximize your chances of getting the compensation you deserve after your accident