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What to Do After a Car Accident in Ottawa?


Life is full of uncertainties, and we sometimes find ourselves in a situation that we don’t expect even when we are experts in doing something. For example, a car accident happens to inexperienced drivers or drivers who drive recklessly and even to experienced and expert drivers.

This might happen in a collision with someone who drives inappropriately. When this happens, or a car accident in general, how do you handle the situation if you live in Ottawa?

Because of being under extreme pressure after a car accident, many have taken the wrong steps, making matters worse. Many call an auto accident lawyer; many choose not to for certain reasons.

Under such extreme pressure, when a car accident happens, you must know the right thing to do and do them promptly to set matters straight to the best of your ability.

Some have asked if a car accident occurs in Ottawa, should they call a car accident lawyer in Ottawa? If they should call one, what should be the reason why?

This article will answer these and other questions on what to do when a car accident occurs in Ottawa and why you should call an auto accident lawyer.

Things to do After a Car Accident

You are expected to do the following when you experience a car accident in Ottawa.

Stay Calm and Remain in The Scene

One major mistake many people make when a car accident happens, if they are the offender, is to leave the scene to avoid being questioned by the victims. When a car accident in Ottawa occurs, it is an offence when someone leaves the scene, and the court can charge such a person. You are expected to stay calm and remain on the scene to settle issues and ensure everything goes smoothly.

Stop Vehicle and Check to Ensure Everyone Is Safe

Another vital thing you should do when a car accident occurs in Ottawa is to stop the car and check the vehicle to ensure everyone is safe; this is done no matter how minor you consider the incident. 

When you stop your vehicle, you may do well to take your road flares out and set them up if you have one. In addition, it would be best to switch on your headlights and four-way flashers to make your vehicle more visible to any vehicles passing by.

Call the Police

If you check the vehicle, and you notice that someone has sustained an injury, or one or more drivers are drunk while driving, you need to contact the police. In addition, if the damages to the vehicle will cost more than $2000, you also need to call the police.

Verify the Owner of the other Vehicle

It sometimes happens that someone may be driving a car that belongs to someone else or a company, so it’s vital to verify the owner of the vehicle by writing down the name, home address, and insurance company information of the owner of the automobile involved in the Ottawa car accident.

This information should be collected for future purposes in case they are needed.

Exchange Information with Any Other Drivers Involved

Another thing to do when a car accident occurs in Ottawa is to exchange information with any other driver involved in the car accident, such as your name, license number, registration and insurance information. 

Take Photographs or Videos of the Scene

It’s good you get all the pictures and graphics involved in the scene of the car accident. When doing this, you may do well to write down all details involved in the accident. Try as much as possible to write down much information even if you can’t remember every bit of information. And it would help if you did this while everything is fresh in your mind while still at the scene. This information is very important. Some information that you should take note of are: The accident’s time and location, count of vehicles involved, human injuries and vehicle damage, weather or unusual road conditions, and other evidence, such as skid marks (get pictures if relevant), the badge number and name of the investigating officer who came to the scene.

Make Your Insurance Claim

Having done all these steps mentioned above, you must contact your insurance company and make your claims as soon as possible.

Calling an auto accident lawyer in Ottawa is one thing you should do when you experience a car accident in Ottawa. This is especially important if you or your loved ones suffered injuries or need to contact your insurance company. 

An auto accident lawyer, specializes in handling injury or insurance, will protect your legal rights when you are affected by a car accident in Ottawa. SG Injury Law has professionals specializing in this injury and insurance claims, and they will be happy to assist you.

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