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The Ten Most Dangerous Intersections for a Car...

15 July, 2021

According to an article by CTV news, data released by the City of Ottawa shows just how dangerous our roads can be.  In 2019 alone, there were 16,399 motor vehicle collisions in Ottawa. Read More

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New Notice Period for Ontario Slip and Fall...

10 January, 2021

In early December, 2020, the Ontario Provincial Government passed a law imposing a new notice period on slip and fall injury victims who are injured after slipping and falling on ice or snow. Read More

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Carlingview Manor COVID-19 Long-Term Care...

19 August, 2020

Senior citizens in long-term care homes have been hard hit by the Coronavirus, COVID-19.  In Ottawa alone, at the Carlingview Manor, there were two COVID-19 outbreaks.  During an outbreak between April 7 and June 18, 170 residents and 89 staff members tested positive for COVID-19. Read More

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What are Non-Earner Benefits in a Car Accident...

21 June, 2019

If you have been injured in a car accident in Ottawa or anywhere else across Ontario, you may receive a notice from your own insurance company asking if you want to elect to receive a non-earner benefit. But what is this benefit and how much is it worth? Am I Eligible? Read More

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