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6 Actions to Steer Clear of Following a Slip and Fall Incident

6 Actions to Steer Clear of Following a Slip and Fall Incident

A slip and fall is considered amongst the most severe accidents, often leading to a frightening and painful experience. These falls can occur in personal and public spaces and are caused by various reasons, including adverse weather conditions, neglect, inadequate maintenance, and hazardous premises, leading to significant injuries and carrying legal repercussions. Notably, slip and fall accidents necessitate emergency room visits for one million individuals annually. While knowing what to do after such an incident is crucial, understanding the actions that could jeopardize your health and legal rights is equally vital. This blog will outline six critical missteps to avoid and protect yourself after a slip-and-fall accident.

Six Essential Actions to Avoid in the Aftermath of a Slip and Fall Incident

In the event of a slip-and-fall injury, it’s essential to undertake specific actions to preserve your legal rights and ensure you are justly compensated. 

1. Neglecting Medical Attention 

Following a slip-and-fall incident, securing immediate medical care is paramount to your health and any future claims you might pursue. Remember, injuries are not always obvious; internal damage or complications could arise in the future. A doctor can assist in determining specific problems and recommend appropriate treatment. Therefore, avoid making the mistake of not seeking immediate medical evaluation. 

Seeking medical attention also helps establish credibility in your case. Remember, delaying obtaining treatment may lead the defence to argue that your injuries stem from a cause unrelated to your slip-and-fall accident. If possible, document everything, even interactions with EMTs, as it helps establish a clear connection between the accident and subsequent damages. 

2. Not Reporting the Incident

Regardless of the fall’s location—be it in a store, on a sidewalk, or within a workplace environment—omitting to inform the property owner, manager, or supervising authority is a grave mistake that could jeopardize your claim. It’s important to note that an official report serves as fundamental documentation of the incident, which is vital for any legal action you might consider later.  There are notice requirements that govern both claims for slip and falls in Ontario due to snow and ice as well as for claims against municipalities, such as those against the City of Ottawa.

3. Overlooking the Importance of Evidence

Collecting evidence, including capturing images of the scene and any elements that led to the fall, such as slippery floors, uneven terrain, or missing warning signs, holds paramount importance. The capability to present the jury with visual evidence plays a crucial role in establishing liability. However, avoid discarding any personal items involved in the accident, such as your clothing and shoes, as they can significantly contribute to your evidence collection. In addition, keep records of any expenses related to medical treatment, as they may be utilized to calculate damages in your personal injury claim.

4. Admitting Fault

The strength of your claim hinges on your ability to demonstrate that someone else was responsible for your accident. Uttering statements such as “I’m sorry, this was my fault” or “I’m so clumsy; of course, I fell” can inadvertently weaken your case by suggesting personal liability. It’s important to understand that these statements can be used against you in your legal proceedings. 

5. Not Consulting with a Lawyer 

Reaching out to a knowledgeable slip and fall accident lawyer can provide the necessary guidance through the challenging claim filing process, ensuring you are adequately compensated for your injuries. On the other hand, failing to seek legal counsel can expose you to the strategies of insurance firms, risking acceptance of a settlement that significantly undervalues your claim.

5. Failing to Contact the Witness 

Witnesses play a significant role in slip and fall cases, and their testimony can corroborate your version of events, allowing you to establish the property owner’s negligence. Be sure to ask for the witness’s name, physical address, email address, and telephone number. Remember, failing to obtain witness statements immediately after the incident can result in lost testimonies as memories fade or witnesses become more challenging to track down.


Slip-and-fall incidents rank among the most frequent accidents and carry potential legal consequences. Understanding the appropriate actions to take after such an accident is vital for safeguarding both your health and legal entitlements. Navigating the intricacies of a slip-and-fall accident claim can be daunting. However, working with an experienced slip-and-fall accident lawyer can simplify the process and maximize your chances of obtaining the rightful benefits and compensation. If you’ve experienced a slip-and-fall incident, don’t wait to secure your future—contact SG Injury Law today and take the first step towards a resolution that honours your experience and upholds your rights.