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Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians are among the most vulnerable road users. An inattentive or negligent motorist can change a pedestrian’s life in an instant.

If you have suffered serious injuries in a pedestrian accident, you may have the right to financial compensation. The process for holding the liable party accountable can often be overwhelming. You may not know where to turn or how to recover from your injuries.

At SG Injury Law, our Ottawa pedestrian accident lawyers are here to help. Contact us online or call our office today at (613) 518-2416 for a free consultation.

Why Are The Pedestrian Accident Lawyers at SG Injury Law Right for You?

When you are not sure how to choose the right pedestrian accident lawyer for you, here are some reasons to go with SG Injury Law:

Common Pedestrian Accident Injuries in Ottawa

Pedestrians face a high risk of injury when drivers do not pay attention to street signs, traffic signals or are unaware of crosswalks and rights of way.

Due to the lack of protection, pedestrians and bicyclists often suffer significant injuries in an accident with a car or other motor vehicle. Some of the more common types of injuries seen in Ottawa pedestrian accidents include:

If you suffered an injury that was not listed above, you may still be entitled to restitution for your damages. Be sure to contact a dedicated pedestrian accident lawyer to find out what your claim could be worth.

Liability for Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Claims

One of the few ways to be sure that you can recover maximum compensation for your damages is by proving liability of another. If someone else’s negligence or misconduct caused your pedestrian accident injuries, they should be held accountable and compelled to cover your losses in full.

With that being said, there are some parties that are found liable for pedestrian accidents in Ottawa more frequently than others. These include:

You can expect your pedestrian accident lawyer to carefully examine the evidence in your case to establish liability. This may include reviewing video footage of the collision from nearby homes or businesses, examining your medical records, speaking with accident reconstructionists, and obtaining witness testimony to support your case.

Limitations Period for Pedestrian Accidents in Ottawa

After your pedestrian accident in Ottawa, pursuing tort action may be the furthest thing from your mind. Unfortunately, the Ontario Limitations Act is already having an impact on your ability to recover compensation.

The general limitations period for pedestrian accidents and other types of personal injury claims in Ottawa and across Ontario is generally just two years. However, it is more common than you might think for pedestrian accident victims to be unsure when the limitations period ends for their case.

For this reason, it may be in your best interests to have a highly experienced pedestrian lawyer handle the legalities of your case so your injury settlement is not at risk.

Recoverable Damages in an Ottawa Pedestrian Accident Claim

If you were a pedestrian or cyclist involved in an automobile accident, you are entitled to no-fault accident benefits coverage, even if you did not have your own automobile insurance.

If you are the relative of someone involved in a fatal or pedestrian accident you may also be entitled to no-fault accident benefits. In addition to no-fault benefits, you may also claim damages from the at-fault driver for your pain and suffering, income loss and any other losses you have suffered.

Our pedestrian accident lawyers have extensive experience investigating pedestrian claims and identifying all possible sources of financial recovery. In addition, we will help you get the medical and financial help you need to recover and go on with your life.

Get Help From a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Ottawa

When your pedestrian accident and injuries have had a devastating impact on your life, but you are not sure where to turn for help, reach out to an experienced Ottawa pedestrian accident lawyer at SG Injury Law for legal guidance and support.

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