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10 Surprising Facts About Car Accidents In Canada

10 Surprising Facts About Car Accidents In Canada

9 March, 2018

Canadian drivers are involved in a fair amount of car accidents. While some are due to wildlife crossing the road or our due to harsh winter weather, there are other factors involved. Read More

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ATV Vehicle Accidents Causes

Leading Causes Of ATV Vehicle Accidents

12 February, 2018

ATV motor vehicle accidents can lead to fatalities and devastating injuries that can affect your quality of life forever. The problem with recreational vehicles, like ATVs, is that people are more likely to be less cautious than they otherwise would be if they were driving a vehicle on the road. Read More

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Who’s At Fault In Winter Car Accidents?

Car Accidents In Dangerous Winter Weather:...

22 January, 2018

Road conditions contribute to 12% of traffic fatalities and injuries in Canada every year. In fact, Canadian doctors have been calling for improved measures when it comes to winter road safety. Read More

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Common Motor Vehicle Accidents

Where Do Most Motor Vehicle Accidents Occur?

11 December, 2017

According to the most recent Ontario Road Safety Annual Report, there was a total of 35,972 fatal and personal injury collisions in 2016, 439 of which were fatal. Car accidents are on the rise in various parts of Canada as well. Read More

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