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5 Things To Know About Long-Term Disability Benefits


When faced with long-term disability issues, many employees don’t know if they should hire a long-term disability lawyer or not. These employees get more confused when they have their long-term disability claim denied or have their benefits cut off. Many employees are even unaware that their employer provides long-term disability (LTD) insurance as part of their group benefits plan. 

Long-term disability benefits, if provided by your employer, can help you meet your financial obligations while you are unable to work and are not receiving your regular pay. Bear in mind that not all employers provide this type of insurance, and if they do, an employee may have been required to sign up for it or even pay a portion of the monthly premiums. Contact your employer’s human resources office if you don’t know whether you are eligible for this benefit. They should provide you with that information and a claim form if you are ready to file a disability claim. Whether you are applying for long-term disability for the first time or have your claim denied or benefits cut off, there are some things to remember about long-term disability benefits.

The following are five things to know about long-term disability benefits:

1. NOT Your Employer, But The Insurance Company, Decides Whether You Are Eligible For Disability Benefits:

The insurance company that provides the disability policy to your employer will decide whether or not to pay out your claim. This is the most common reason for claims being denied when they should have been allowed. Therefore, every policy should include a provision for submitting claims and what to do if denied. After a denial, there is usually an appeals process that allows the claimant to give new information to the insurance company in the hopes that they will reconsider their mind. This second chance may even appear to be extended by a neutral third party. However, the process is far from neutral. It takes place within the insurance business and is likely handled by the same persons who first denied your LTD compensation. As a result, appeals are rarely successful. Changing an insurance company’s mind is tough and time-consuming, as it is with most insurance claims. That is why we recommend that you consult with a long-term disability lawyer to help you out instead of wasting your time appealing your insurer’s decision.

2. If Your Legitimate LTD Claim Is Denied Or Your Benefits Are Revoked, Don’t Give Up:

Many insurance companies disable some people’s benefits after some time by bringing up reasons that are not valid enough. For example, some may say that you are not totally disabled or your condition has improved, and you can now return to work. If you are faced with this situation, do not fret or think this is the end. You don’t need to be afraid as much as your doctor agrees that you are not physically sound to return to work. You should take action immediately because you only have from your first denial to file a claim, and if you do not file a claim within those two years, you may run out of time. You may do well to contact a long-term disability lawyer if you don’t know how to file for compensation.

3. When It Comes To Disability Claims, It Is Critical To Follow Your Doctor’s Advice:

Insurance companies will use your medical records and their opinions to evaluate whether you are disabled enough to be unable to work. Therefore, it is critical for your claim that you follow your doctor’s recommendations and inform your doctor that you are seeking disability benefits.

It makes no difference whether the insurance company believes your doctor or not if your doctor says you cannot work and your disability interferes with your job. The legal system has established through court cases that under these scenarios, your insurance company must honour your long-term disability coverage and pay your benefits.

4. Seek The Help Of A Long Term Disability Lawyer:

Instead of resolving this issue on your own, it’s better to request the help of lawyers who are experts in cases like this. Requesting the help of a lawyer will expedite the whole process and ensure you avoid all headaches that any insurance company will give you because these lawyers are familiar with the language they speak to ensure employees don’t get their benefits.

The question is, which lawyer can you call to help you with your long-term disability case? It’s important to call lawyers who specialize in handling cases like this. And that’s what SG Injury Law Firm specializes in handling. We specialize in handling any cases related to insurance companies. We have experienced lawyers who have been in this industry for many years and will be happy to handle your case. You can call us about your issue at (613) 518-2416, or you can contact us directly here.