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The Benefits Of Having A Lawyer To Fight Your Long Term Disability Insurance Claim

The Benefits Of Having A Lawyer

Working with a lawyer has many advantages, especially if you are trying to fight for your long term disability insurance claim. A personal injury lawyer specializes in fighting for people whose insurance companies have refused their short or long term disability claims. Working with a personal injury lawyer allows you to take advantage of many benefits such as:

Dealing with your insurance provider

Although you made have paid all of your premiums, many people find that they are not treated fairly when they become available. The hurdles a disabled person must face even just to complete the application process properly can be substantial. Your lawyer will ensure that you can provide the relevant information and help you get the forms so your claim isn’t denied for invalid reasons. Your lawyer will also hold the insurance company accountable in terms of the length of time the insurer takes to respond to the claim.

Making sure there are no mistakes

A personal injury lawyer ensures that each document you fill out and every form you complete is free of mistakes or provides information worded in such a way that it might later be used against you.

Securing witnesses

Some long-term disability claims will require testimony from witnesses. The insurance company will not just take your word for it that you are disabled and even an opinion from your family doctor may not be enough. Your lawyer can assist to ensure you have adequate witnesses, in terms of both lay witnesses (family, friends, work managers) and also expert witnesses, if need be, such as a medical specialist.

Get your case taken seriously

Although your long-term disability insurer has a duty to treat you with good faith when you have the benefit of a personal injury lawyer working on your claim, the insurance company is likely to make sure your case is taken seriously and a refusal is not made lightly.

Appealing a denied claim

Should your claim be denied, insurers typically allow you to appeal through their internal appeal process. Your lawyer can assist with your appeal and provide guidance regarding whether it is even in your best interest to skip the internal appeal process and head straight to court.

In summary, when dealing with a sophisticated insurance company and adjusters who are trained in critically reviewing your application (and in some cases looking for the first excuse to refuse your otherwise valid claim), your best interests lay with having an experienced Ottawa personal injury lawyer on your side.

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