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The Ten Most Dangerous Intersections for a Car Accident In Ottawa


ottawa most dangerous intersections

According to an article by CTV news, data released by the City of Ottawa shows just how dangerous our roads can be. In 2020 alone, there were 10,047 motor vehicle collisions in Ottawa. While some of these are minor fender benders, others can result in serious or catastrophic injuries and even death.

Numbers are down from 2019 when there was a record 16,399 collisions in Ottawa. Between 2015 and 2019 there was an average of 14,839 motor vehicle collisions. In 2020, there were 18 motor vehicle fatalities, including two pedestrians and two bicyclists.

Among the 10,047 accidents in 2020, 32% were rear-end collisions, 18% were a single vehicle collision and 9% involved a parked vehicle. The most common day for accidents was Friday.

What is the Most Dangerous Intersection in Ottawa?

The most dangerous intersection in Ottawa is actually a tie, with 32 collisions each in 2020. One of the most dangerous intersections in Ottawa is at Prince of Wales and West Hunt Club Road. The other most dangerous intersection is Hunt Club Road and Riverside Drive, which is at the top of the list most years. Innes and Jeanna D’Arc Boulevard, Blair Road and Ogilvie Road, and Meadowlands Drive and Merivale Road complete the list of the top five.

Top 10 Dangerous Intersections in Ottawa

Below is a list compiled by CTV of the ten most dangerous intersections in Ottawa in 2020:

Rank Location Collisions
1 Prince of Wales at West Hunt Club Road 32
2 Hunt Club Road at Riverside Drive 32
3 Innes Road at Jeanna D’Arc Boulevard 28
4 Blair Road at Ogilvie Road 26
5 Meadowlands Drive at Merivale Road 24
6 Baseline Road at Clyde Avenue 24
7 Baseline Road at Woodroffe Avenue 24
8 Innes Road at Tenth Line Road 24
9 Bank Street at Walkley Road 24
10 Baseline Road/Heron Road at Prince of Wales Drive 23


The fact that an intersection is known to be dangerous does not in and of itself mean that the City of Ottawa is responsible for any particular accident. However, the risks at these intersections certainly mean that any negligent actions or careless driving, by a driver, pedestrian or cyclist, have the potential to result in serious injury or death.

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