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Truck/Bus Accident Claims Lawyer in Ottawa

Truck and Bus Accident Claims Lawyer

Accidents involving trucks, tractor trailers, OC Transpo buses, school buses and Greyhound or other buses often result in catastrophic injury and death every year in Ottawa and across Eastern Ontario. Catastrophic injuries can include brain impairments, spinal injuries and chronic pain.

These sorts of complex claims often require compensation for wage losses, pain and suffering, medical and rehabilitation expenses, care expenses, home renovations and housekeeping expenses, just to name a few.

The Benefits you Deserve With the Help of our Ottawa Truck Accident Lawyers

Regardless of who was at fault, everyone in an accident involving a truck or bus is entitled to Ontario accident benefits. If someone else was at fault, you are entitled to claim additional damages above and beyond the no-fault accident benefits.

There are some exceptions to the general rules regarding the availability of benefits.  For example, for accidents involving public transportation vehicles such as OC Transpo or other buses, no-fault accident benefits are not available if the vehicle in which the injured person was a passenger did not collide with another vehicle or any other object.  Therefore, if you are on a bus and the bus stops suddenly (without a collision) you cannot claim no-fault accident benefits if you are injured.  In Ontario, this is known as the “no crash no cash” rule.  However, in these cases, injured victims may still bring a negligence claim for damages if the driver or bus company is at-fault.  If there is a collision with a bus and another vehicle or some other object, then accident victims can claim both no-fault accident benefits and also bring a claim in negligence for pain, suffering and other damages not covered by the no-fault accident benefits.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious collision involving a bus or truck, it is crucial that you hire a lawyer experienced in both no-fault accident benefits and negligence claims against at-fault drivers. If your lawyer does not have significant experience in both of these areas you risk not receiving all of the care, treatment and compensation you deserve and are entitled to.

Our Experienced Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help you Win any Case

Sean Giovannetti has dedicated most of his career to injury cases and has handled numerous claims with critically injured victims and claims for millions of dollars. He has years of experience handling claims involving buses and tractor trailers. These cases have included claims against insurance companies under Ontario’s no-fault accident benefits system as well as claims against negligent drivers and the companies which own the buses and tractor trailers.

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