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Common Forward, Backward, and Impact Injuries after a Slip and fall


If you or your loved one is a victim of slip and fall injuries in Ottawa, you are entitled to claim compensation for damages in Ottawa. However, to claim compensation and to seek medical remedy, you must know about different types of Injuries which may be caused by slip and fall accidents in Ottawa.

It is the duty of an occupier to ensure no slip and fall accidents happen on his premises. The Occupier of the premise is liable to compensate for the slip and fall accidents in Ottawa as per the Occupier’s liability Act. Slip and fall injuries due to slip and fall accidents in Ottawa can be classified as follows. This classification may help you in knowing the intensity of the injury and, therefore, in claiming compensation and seeking medical relief.

Forward fall

Forward fall during a slip and fall accident may occur in the below-mentioned situations:

  • Breaking off the floor while walking or running
  • Slipping from the stairs

Forward fall may result in fracture in arms, legs, shoulders and neck. This is so because the impact comes on arms when one tries to prevent the collision from the floor while falling. Impact on hands can lead to fractures. It may result in distortion of alignments or dislocation of bones. This impact can also cause shoulder, neck, and back injuries. If the reaction time is not quickly to employ hands, knees may get the impact while falling if a forward fall in slip and fall accidents is such that the impact comes on the whole body or the head injury may be severe or even fatal.

Backward fall

Backward fall in slip and fall accidents is usually more serious as there is no control to reduce their impact. In forward fall, there is vision, and our hands get employed to reduce the impact on other vital parts of the body such as the neck and ribcage. Due to lack of vision and obstruction, backward falls in slip and fall accidents directly impact most vital parts of our body, i.e. brain and spinal cord. The back side of our head is where our brain lies. The probability of impact on the back part of the brain is very high in a backward fall. This can lead to internal bleeding and severe complications. Immediate medical attention is required in this situation. There may not be immediate pain but seeking immediate medical attention is always advisable in backward slip and fall accidents. Besides head injuries, backward falls can cause severe back injuries and spinal cord injuries, which may affect the nervous system. In addition, backward falls may lead to memory loss and may cause severe problems in the lower back area. 

Impact Injuries

Impact injury is caused by a collision of the body with a moving object. If the impact is caused by bodily movement with a stationary object, then this can also cause impact injuries. The intensity of injuries will depend on the velocity of the moving object. 

Slip and fall accidents may cause Impact injuries when there is any impact caused on the body. The impact may be severe or even fatal. The intensity of injury also depends on the impacted body part during the slip and fall accident. For example, if legs or arms are impacted in a slip and fall accident, the chances of fatality are very low. Moreover, if the impacted part of the body is the head or spinal cord area, the chances of fatality are high. Any impact in the head area requires immediate medical attention. This doesn’t imply that impact injury in other parts of the body doesn’t require urgent medical attention. Any impact injury requires a similar level of attention; as time passes, the chances of recovery to the original position decrease.

Fall from height

Slip and fall accidents from height cause more severe injury than on the plane surface. The impact of slip and fall injury increases as the force of gravity increases if slip and fall accidents are from some height. This may happen in a situation where the slippery surface is situated at a higher altitude. Even falling from the stage at a party can cause severe slip-and-fall injury. A height of three to four feet is sufficient to cause slip and fall injury.

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