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Significant Changes To Ontario Automobile No-Fault Accident Benefits On June 1, 2016


The Ontario Provincial Government has legislated more reductions to the no-fault accident benefits available to Ontario motor vehicle accident victims. One of the most significant changes is that medical, rehabilitation and attendant care benefits will be slashed by up to fifty percent. Reductions to Catastrophic Injury Benefits Those who will suffer most from these changes…

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What The Jury In Your Ontario Car Accident Case Doesn’t Know


If you have been seriously and permanently injured in an automobile accident, you are entitled to damages for your pain and suffering. If your case goes to trial, the members of the jury are usually not told about two important things which can have a significant impact on whether you receive fair and just compensation….

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Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accident Claims in Ottawa


As experienced personal injury lawyers, we have seen slip and fall claims arise in many different locations across Ottawa and surrounding towns such as Smiths Falls, Rockland and Winchester. Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of injury in Ontario and can happen in a variety of locations such as: grocery stores, nursing homes,…

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