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Why Were My Long Term Disability Benefits Denied?


Long term disabilities can significantly impact your life, not only physically, emotionally and socially, but also financially. If you have a long term disability or illness, it can be devastating to learn that your long term disability claim has been denied or that benefits will be discontinued. In Ottawa and across Ontario, long term disability…

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Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Ontario Slip and Fall Case?


Recovering from a slip and fall injury can be difficult. You’ll likely need time to recover – and to ensure that all of your needs, both at home and in the workplace, are met in the event that you’re unable to conduct your normal activities. It’s important in these cases to consult with a personal…

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Completing Your Ontario Accident Benefits Forms: Useful Tips


In cases where you have suffered an injury in an automobile accident, you’ll have to apply for accident benefits through your insurance company. You need to be careful when filling out forms, because the insurance company many use any information you have used against you, to try and deny your claims. The insurance company for…

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3 Professionals to Call After an Ottawa Car Accident


The aftermath of a car accident is challenging. As part of your road to recovery, it’s important to take steps to protect your legal rights in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Getting in touch with professionals who can ensure you receive care and compensation as you recover is essential to getting your life back…

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How Damages Are Assessed In An Ontario Personal Injury Case


By reviewing your unique circumstances and analyzing your case alongside a proven professional, you can gain a clear understanding of the potential damages from your personal injury case. In this latest post we’ll explain how damages are assessed in personal injury cases. Compensation Considerations When a judge or jury assesses damages to be awarded from…

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